Our interdisciplinary expertise work together to maximize the efficiency and speed of solution development utilizing the best practices and methodology.

The combination of our industry experience and broad range of service offerings means that our clients benefit from customized solutions based on their specific strategies, requirements, and infrastructures. WPH structures our service offering through three fundamental service disciplines - Strategy, Creative, Technology.


We create and execute strategic online business driven solutions road maps.

  • To develop a strategic vision, companies must analyze and understand their competitive environments and the projected evolution of those environments. By building strategic plans, these organizations can capitalize on the shifting power dynamics in their specific markets and create new markets.

Effective strategic development results in a blueprint outlining a company's online business strategy and its integration with the overall strategy.


We design with usability in mind

  • Our Creative Services discipline enables our clients to effectively transmit their brand identity to consumers and businesses over the internet. By blending the skills of a variety of professionals with creative and technical expertise, we help our clients produce an effective customer interaction point and a dynamic, intuitive and practical user experience.

Our human-centred design process enable us to deliver compelling experiences for a competitive advantage online.


We develop integrated technology solutions.

  • The integration of the strategic and creative elements with existing operations and systems of a company is critical to the success of its online business. Building the technical backbone of an online business solutions suites requires an understanding of leading edge technical components, deployment expertise and the ability to adapt to new breakthroughs.

We integrate online business applications to create a powerful enterprise-wide computing environment. Our online business solutions not only streamline the operations of the internal organization, but also to connect, interact and grow your business to meet the new economy needs of customers.